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Bookkeeping Services

We provide full bookkeeping right from the proverbial shoebox to a fully integrated finish product. We will custom tailor the books to accurately reflect your unique business while conforming to all standard accounting requirements.

  • We take all of your paperwork including bank & credit card statements, government documents and miscellaneous paperwork and provide you with a set of clean, unified books that will stand up to scrutiny by all interested parties including Revenue Canada
  • We also take care of all tax remittances preparation or calculations (Note we do not remit or pay the instalments) and ensure that they are processed accurately and on time
  • We will provide you with reports that reflect your business activity and the state of your company
  • We even provide scheduled monthly pickup and delivery for our monthly clients

If the number crunching is the one soft spot in the efficient operation of your business, we at Chad Fehr Business Services can help. Bookkeeping is a big part of what we do. Let us provide the time to take care of this crucial part of your business and let you concentrate on the rest.